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Learn the UCWDC Newcomer and Novice Line Dances and compete at the Calgary Dance Stampede!

March 4th, March 18th & April 1st, 2018
10:00am - 12:00pm NEWCOMER Dance Session
12:00pm - 2:00pm NOVICE Dance Session

Ever thought about competing in Line Dance? Did you know that Line Dancing is a great way to not only exercise, but also to practice fundamental dance technique, learn choreography faster and understand musical phrasing? Well it does, and Line Dancing is fun, fun, FUN! This workshop series helped kick start many local dancers last year who went onto win the UCWDC Country Dance World Championships including Sean Buckley (Male Diamond Newcomer); Joanne Spronk (Female Diamond Newcomer) and Wendy Johannsen (Female Diamond Novice).

The Calgary Dance Stampede is once again teaching the dances you need to know to compete in April in 3 fun and easy workshops

NEWCOMER Dance Session
DANCES learned will be: Sunday Swing (Pulse); Breaking Hearts (Cuban); Burn It Up (Street); Move That Groove (Stage)

NOVICE Dance Session
Dances learned will be: End of the World (Rise & Fall); Crazy 'Bout You (Pulse); Black & White (Cuban); Set It Off (Street); Another Day of Sun (Stage)

All in all you will learn:
- The dances you need to compete in
- Arm styling
- Technique
- Timing and rhythm
- Rules and costuming

Everything you need to know to get on the floor, plus learning what you need to do in a group class setting is fun, easy and you have a group of friends who can practice with you. Then you and the group will be ready to dance at the Calgary Dance Stampede and kick yer heels up!

Cost: $40 (GST included) per session. 
Either Newcomer OR Novice. You do not have to register for both sessions, just the one you feel comfortable with. If you have questions about which level you should be in, please contact us.

Location: To Be Announced


2018 UCWDC Line Dance Workshops