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 Country Swing will be once again be offered at the Calgary Dance Stampede
as a regional contest! Grab your boots and a partner and let's see who is the
Best of the Best in Alberta!

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 
2017 Country Swing Cover


Contest Time: 11:00am – tentative and subject to change

Fees: All participants must have a minimum of a Sunday Day Pass to compete ($50) and then the Dance Entry Fee* (see below). Other passes are available

Dance Categories:  Jack n’ Jill Country Swing – Newcomer, Novice & Intermediate; Strictly Country Swing – Novice & Intermediate

Entry Deadline:  Saturday, April 1st - 9:00pm


Jack n' Jill Contest:
Allow individuals to enter without a partner and demonstrate skills in spontaneous dancing with a variety of partners. Leaders and followers are randomly paired and there will be several partner changes during the preliminary and semi-final rounds. Competitors are scored individually on timing, technique and teamwork in the preliminary heats. Those scoring the highest will be “called back” later to dance in a final round. In the final round, individuals are randomly paired, then scored as a couple. The DJ picks the music. Tempo and style will vary.
(No Lifts Allowed … at least one foot from both the leader and follower must remain in contact with the floor at all times)

* We are excited to announce that ALL Jack n' Jill Contest entry fees have been sponsored by the Tudor Rose English Pub. So all you need is a day pass to compete in the Country Swing Jack n' Jill's!

Tudor Rose

Strictly Contest:
You choose your partner and we pick the music. Only 1 skill level is offered and open to all. You may not enter the same level as both a leader and a follower. Couples dance in heats with multiple couples on the floor for 2 minutes to a song the DJ chooses for that division. Couples will receive 2 songs (1 fast/1 slow). Judges will evaluate the couples based on their demonstration of good social dancing skills, timing, technique connection, lead and follow, presentation and showmanship.

NOTE:  Competitors in the Jack n’ Jill’s or Strictly competitions DO NOT need a UCWDC Associate Membership number, just the event pass and contest fees.