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Learn the UCWDC Newcomer Line Dances and compete at the Calgary Dance Stampede!

February 5th, February 26th, March 19th from 10am - 12pm

Ever thought about competing in line dance? Well now's your chance to start and right from the beginning.

The Calgary Dance Stampede is teaching the dances you need to know to compete in April in 3 fun and easy classes.

You will learn:
- The 4 dances you can compete in:
          - Maddie and Tae Polka (Pulse)
          - Breaking Hearts (Cuban)
          - Burn It Up (Street)
          - Move That Groove (Stage)
- Simple arm styling
- Technique
- Rules and cosuming

Everything you need to know to get on the floor, plus learning what you need to do in a group class setting is fun, easy and you have a group of friends who can practice with you. Then you and the group will be ready to dance at the Calgary Dance Stampede and kick yer heels up!

Cost: $30 (GST included) for the full 3 classes

121C, 17th Avenue NE, Calgary



2017 Line Dance Workshop