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This is an event inside the event and it all happens on Sunday night after the dancing wraps up and the event closes down. We tear up the floors and take everyone curling! Yup, that's right ... Curling!


Now Wikipedia describes Curling as "A team sport with similarities to bowling and shuffleboard, played by two teams of four players each on a rectangular sheet of carefully prepared ice. Teams take turns sliding heavy, polished granite stones down the ice towards the target (called the house). Two sweepers with brooms accompany each rock and use timing, equipment and their best judgment, along with direction from their teammates, to help direct the stones to their resting place."


We call it ... One heck of a lot of fun!

Sponsored by Dr. Neville Headley - Dentist, the Calgary Curling Club is host to the Calgary Dance Stampede and all its participants as we grab a broom, strap a non-stick teflon slider to your foot and step down onto the ice! Dr. Headley graciously donates his time and funds in support of the Calgary Dance Stampede all in an effort to showcase his second passion, the sport of curling and to foster an attitude of fun and good sportsmanship.


Calgary Curling Club


720, 3rd Street N.W.
Calgary, Alberta

Curling Ice


"MAN I LOVE CURLING !!!  I Know, most people can't stand it, but I enjoy it. I profess to be the 4 time Cuban National Curling Champion, and continue to be until someone says differently! I have been in Calgary many times for the Calgary Dance Stampede and Keith Armbruster puts together a top notch event within one of the more welcoming dance communities I've encountered over the years. Thank you to everyone at the event for making me feel so welcome."

- Mario Robau Jr.

"My life was incomplete until I tried curling!! Who knew that "throwing a rock" down pebbled ice and "sweeping" - all while wearing Teflon shoes - could be so fun!  When I retire from dancing, the senior curling leagues are my next goal." 

- Jennifer Jeffries, 2X Neville Cup Selection


Closest to Button    


Dr. Neville Headley has added a new twist to our old event party. For those that are a little more competitive and also to add a bit more fun and excitement, Dr. Headley has offered $1,000 CASH if you can draw to the button in 1 shot!  Every participant at the Curling Classic is given 1 rock to throw and if you hit that perfect shot that every curler dreams of, Dr. Headley will pay you $1,000!

Each year that the button is not hit, the jackpot grows. Last year Dr. Headley awarded $500 to those who go close and therefore the jackpot now sits at $2,500 for 2017! 


2016 Curling Group   Neville Cup
 The Calgary Dance Stampede Curling Classic Trophy
aka "The Neville Cup"is sponsored by Dr. Neville Headley.

The Cup is presented in recognition to everyone who has enjoyed 
the game in fun and good sportsmanship

2016 Curling Winners
2016 Winning Team

Siiri Jakubenko, Myles Munroe, 
Toby Munroe and Crystal Thompson



Curlers Corner - Previous Winning Team

Gary McIntyre
Keith Armbruster
Gerald Cote
Wayne Ronald


2006 (First Neville Cup)
Lisa McIntyre
Jena Smith
Dawn Deeks
Marie Lorieau


Gary Thompson
Larry Ames
Teressa Hacking
Mike Lee



Becky Haynam
Valerie Scott
Jennifer Jeffries
Joe Fabian
Doug Davidson
Jennifer Jeffries
Becky Haynam
Keith Armbruster


Shannon Gunter
Guyton Mundy
Sheila Peacock
Dave Lawson
Danny Guenther
Dari-Anne Amato
Joyce Duchene
Roger Anderson
Paul Scott
Tajali Hall
Margaret Sacha
Roger Anderson
Angela Park
Barry Strasser
Margaret Sacha
Greg Deeks
Angela Wolder
Dorthy Wong
Marie-Renie Laforge
Clive Stevens            
Karen Roberts
Penny Lalonde
Shawna De Groot
Linda Rodgers
Toby Munroe
Myles Munroe
Siiri Jakubenko
Crystal Thompson

Put curling on your bucket list and join us!